About inWebo

inWebo is an independent vendor of user multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions making customers, members, and employees access to VPN, IAM, web, Cloud, and IoT applications more secure, but also easier. Our technology seamlessly adds a layer of security during sign-in by turning user devices including laptops, cell and smartphones, tablets into strong authentication methods. It uniquely combines certified hardware-grade security with extreme ease of use.

Securing Digital Identity at Scale

inWebo was founded in 2008. Our R&D is located in Paris, our Sales and Operations are both in EMEA and North America, our Customers are everywhere.

inWebo’s mission is to make online, mobile, Cloud, IoT – and whatever the next big connected thing will be – more secure. Where to start? User identities are the preferred target for attackers to gain access to systems, we therefore decided to tackle authentication.

We believe that identity security should be as much as possible implemented server-side, putting as little burden on users as possible. Authentication solutions should therefore be very simple to use and to implement, while designed with extremely high objectives in terms of robustness, scalability, and availability. This sums up the vision that we had and still have for identity security – aka secure authentication.

This vision has now been embraced by numerous organizations, global and small. They rely on inWebo multi-factor authentication solutions to protect millions of identities, every day and everywhere.


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Where does the name inWebo come from?

Scientists use latin neologisms to distinguish where experiments, measurements, or processes take place. For example, in vivo means something taking place in a living organism. in vitro means something taking place in a test tube or a culture dish. More recently, we’ve been hearing of in silico for something tested or created with a computer simulation. In this logic, we created the word in webo to designate what happens online, in the World Wide Web. Since our project was to provide users with an easy and secure access to web applications, inWebo seemed a good name. At least to us!