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Protect all your B2B and B2C applications with inWebo MFA

Secure access to your internal and external applications with the inWebo multifactor authentication (MFA) solution.

SaaS applications
Single Sign-On (SSO)

VPN Solutions

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Privileged Accounts (PAM)

Consumer mobile applications

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Strong authentication to counter cyber threats

Many fraudulent attacks target the accesses of your customers, employees or partners. Multifactor authentication (MFA or 2FA) offers complete protection.

Phishing & spear phishing

91% of cyber attacks begin with phishing (source: Trend Micro) with dramatic consequences: theft of confidential information, fraudulent transfers, impact on the company's brand image, etc.

Credential Stuffing

The increase in identity data leakage and the tendency for users to use the same passwords on different services are fueling the strong growth in credential stuffing attacks (30 billion reported by Akamai in 2018).

Malwares & Ransomwares

The discreet installation of malware (keyloggers) on users' computers allows hackers to retrieve credentials to spoof accounts and identities.

Improve your users' connection experience 

inWebo MFA secures your digital environment without any equipment constraint thanks to its SaaS mode operation and its multiple tokens.

Computer token

Token tablet

Mobile token

Browser token

Deviceless - Exclusive to inWebo

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Strong authentication inWebo MFA

Universal B2B / B2C multifactor authentication

inWebo MFA combines two key elements: very high security, thanks to the unique combination of dynamic random keys and HSM (Hardware Security Module) technology, and an improved user connection experience thanks to its exclusive Deviceless and Passwordless tokens. Accessible in SaaS, rich in connectors, APIs and SDKs, the inWebo strong authentication solution adapts to your technical constraints without imposing new ones.

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by inWebo Group

TrustBuilder CIAM Orchestrator

A complete CIAM to orchestrate your customers' user paths

Orchestrate your customers' identities and access throughout their user journey and provide them with frictionless and secure access to all applications. Make informed decisions based on their profiles and behaviours using any data source you wish. Ensure your organisation is compliant with local, national and European regulations.

MFA according to inWebo: more benefits, no constraints

Investing in cybersecurity means contributing to the agility and flexibility of the organization to optimize its operations.


Worldwide connection to all company applications.


Compatible integration with your technical architecture, whatever it may be.


No equipment constraints for your users with our mobile, desktop and browser tokens.


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Multifactor authentication (MFA) suitable for all sectors

Aware of the specific problems and challenges of each sector, inWebo helps the various players to set up a safer, simpler and more productive digital environment. Discover the benefits of our solution MFA adapted to your sector of activity.


Health information is highly sensitive. How to secure identities and IS access to protect them?


How can we secure the many touch points by simplifying the user experience to improve conversion rates?


How to comply with PSD2 without compromising the customer experience and the ease of integration?

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