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inWebo is the specialist in multi-factor strong authentication (MFA). For more than 12 years, inWebo has been guaranteeing the security of data and identities in a digital world with increasingly important economic and political stakes.

What is Multifactor Authentication?

Multifactor Authentication (or MFA) is a security system that uses several authentication methods, based on different categories of credentials (proofs), to verify the identity of the user who wishes to log in or complete a transaction.

It combines several independent pieces of identification information : what the users knows (their password), what they have (their token) and who they are (a biometric verification).

The purpose of strong authentication is to implement multiple layers of protection to make it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access a target such as a physical location, a computer device, a network or a database. 

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Our mission?

Protecting and facilitating access to digital environments

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What we do

inWebo's multi-factor strong authentication MFA secures access against identity theft, account spoofing and phishing. inWebo offers a complete SaaS platform for strong authentication management. It combines two key elements: maximum security and a smooth user experience.

inWebo's strong authentication solution is used for :

  • Secure access to corporate networks by integrating with various access points (VPN, SSO, ADFS, IAM, PAM, etc.).
  • Integrate strong authentication directly into vulnerable consumer applications (such as online banking), using SDKs as white labels to authenticate access and seal user transactions.
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Where does the name inWebo come from?

Scientists use Latin neologisms to distinguish where experiments, measurements or processes are carried out. For example, in vivo means a phenomenon in a living organism.

In vitro refers to something in a test tube or culture broth. More recently, in silico has been used to refer to computer simulations. In this sense, inwebo refers to what happens online, in the world of internet. As our aim was to provide users with easy access to web applications, inWebo seemed a good name!


Our Philosophy

"The Simple Key to High Security"



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