inWebo acquires TrustBuilder to bring adaptive and orchestrated Identity and Access Management solution to market


inWebo acquires TrustBuilder, a specialist in CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management). This transaction will allow the pure player in multi-factor authentication (MFA) to better serve its customers worldwide with a complete catalogue of SaaS products specialised in digital identity and access management. This collaboration with Trustbuilder will strengthen the international reach of both companies and open up new R&D opportunities to bring disruptive innovations to the Identity and Access Management (IAM) market.

The operation brings new value-added features to inWebo's customers. This includes federated identity management (with a myriad of Identity Providers & Software Providers connectors) and adaptive authentication based on the sensitivity of the accessed application or resource and the context of the user's session. In addition, powered by a graphical user interface workflow engine, inWebo will now allow customers to define authorization schemes, context based rules, attribute based rules, risk based rules, and choose to enable SSO features. On top of that, Trustbuilder's technology will bring API security features to inWebo.

“TrustBuilder acquisition will allow inWebo Group to generate multiple synergies, far above the cross-sell immediate plan. The product portfolios of inWebo Technologies and TrustBuilder are very complementary. This provides each company with an immediate scope of new functionalities, and a strong basis for the addition of new features.” 

Olivier Perroquin, inWebo Group President


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