inWebo presents its modular IAM at Les Assises de la Cybersécurité

This year again, inWebo is in the starting blocks to participate in Les Assises de la Cybersecurity with 4 days of business and networking from October 12 to 15, 2022. Come and meet us at booth n°18 at Les Assises de la Cybersécurité, the flagship event of the CyberSec industry.


Les Assises de la Sécurité: 4 days of networking and business meetings about cybersecurity

Organized by DG Consultants, a subsidiary of Comexposium, in Monaco, " Les Assises de la Cybersécurité " is the must-attend event for the Cyber community.

One-to-one meetings between suppliers and decision-makers

Live Demo and experience sharing

Workshops, conferences and expert roundtable to discuss on the key industry trends

A unique networking space to share insights and go further cyber current and future issues

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Workshop: Le Printemps shares its journey to secure both its VPN and cloud-based applications


The Printemps Group is one of the top French names in fashion, luxury, beauty and lifestyle. It owns 20 department stores in France and has more than 3,500 brands in its portfolio. Today, the Group has become a key player in the retail market and employs over 3,000 people.

Eager to upgrade an aging technology that was securing its VPN access, Le Printemps seized the opportunity to deploy a strong authentication solution in SaaS mode that also covers all of its Cloud applications (O365, collaborative tools, HR applications, etc.).

One of the challenges was to cover a heterogeneous population, more or less tech-savvy (office employees, staff in the stores and external service providers). Objectives achieved with the MFA brick of inWebo's IAM solution, which offers a unified, simple and secure login journey to Le Printemps' 4500 users.

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Thursday, October 13, at 5pm

Alix de Nadaillac

CTO - Production Manager, Le Printemps Group

Workshop theme

How Le Printemps simplified and unified the login journey to its VPN and SaaS applications

A complete and modular IAM / CIAM solution

The inWebo Group will be attending Les Assises de la Cybersécurité to present its identity management solution that optimizes and streamlines access requests from both employees (IAM) and customers (CIAM). This solution is based on inWebo's strong authentication MFA, the company's flagship product since its creation, combining maximum security with ease of use and integration in SaaS mode.

Identity management solution for secure and frictionless journeys

The inWebo TrustBuilder solution aims to remove the friction points in the user login path (employees or customers), from identity verification to authentication and authorization, by dynamically interconnecting them with the entire digital ecosystem of identity and application providers. By introducing flexibility and agility into the login journey, a key component of the digital transformation process, inWebo TrustBuilder enables organizations to unlock major business issues, resulting in increased productivity and revenue.

Adaptive and passwordless multi-factor authentication

inWebo is historically a pure player in multi-factor authentication (MFA). The group started by building its reputation on MFA technology that has been patented and certified by the French National CyberSecurity Agency (ANSSI).

Its MFA solution offers the possibility to go even further in the adaptation of its tokens to the uses by meeting the FIDO2 specification. And for those looking to secure their employees' Windows sessions, the flexibility of inWebo's technology enables the integration of MFA under different configurations, securing online and offline sessions.

Adapt the technologies of the inWebo group to your needs to evolve in a UX & Security by Design approach

Booth #18: Secure your modern IT infrastructures and improve user experience

The inWebo teams will be on booth n°18 of the Hexatrust space to present their CIAM solution

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