Advanced MFA features on booth #1 at the Assises de la Sécurité

Over the past 20 years, Les Assises de la Securité has been THE flagship event for all cybersecurity experts. This year again, inWebo is in the starting-blocks to join the rendez-vous in Monaco from 13 to 16 October 2021. Come and meet us booth n°1, in Hexatrust’s section.

Les Assises de la Sécurité: 4 days of networking and business meetings about cybersecurity

Organised by DG Consultants, a subsidiary of Comexposium, in Monaco, " Les Assises de la sécurité " is the must-attend event for the Cyber community. A unique event with debates, meetings and collaborations, bringing together CIOs, CISO and decision-makers from the ecosystem.

One-to-one meetings between suppliers and decision-makers

Live Demo and experience sharing

Workshops, conferences, and expert roundtable to discuss on the key industry trends

A unique networking space to share insights and go further cyber current and future issues

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Customer feedback workshop on the benefits of an MFA SaaS solution to adapt access security to the uses

Thanks to its MFA SaaS based solution certified by ANSSI, inWebo is key to meet the ever-changing digital uses and challenges of cybersecurity (telecommuting, BYOD, migration to the cloud, user experience, phishing attacks, etc.).

From protecting VPN access, to securing electronic messaging, as well as managing secure remote access during the Covid crisis: from 2015 to today, feedback on how TV5MONDE gradually extended the scope of strong authentication and the benefits of inWebo’s SaaS model in terms of adaptability and reactivity.

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Thursday 14 October, at 5pm

Our speakers

Yoann Paoloni, CISO, TV5MONDE
Olivier Perroquin, President, inWebo

How inWebo MFA SaaS enabled TV5MONDE to adapt the security of its accesses to its uses (mobility, O365...)

Stand 1: State-of-the-art MFA technology and advanced features

inWebo will be on booth n°1 in Hexatrust’s section to present its cutting-edge technology and features.

inWebo expands its MFA functionality with a new...

  • A rule engine that allows for enhancedcontextual authentication based on a wide range of criteria such as location, schedules, roles, application sensitivity, any attribute of a directory or database or even a risk management engine.
  • Automation (workflows) to extend the capabilities of the authentication engine, by implementing customised and contextualised authorisation trees or contextual enrolment scenarios.

You will be able to...

  • Do contextual authentication on Office 365, Google workspace, and more generally on all your applications,
  • Create seamless enrolment experiences tailored to your user populations,
  • Strengthen access control to your APIs.

SmartLogin to manage a smooth transition to the Azure AD Cloud

With SmartLogin by inWebo, you can easily secure both your on-premise legacy applications and Cloud Azure AD apps without having 2 separate MFA projects.


Native 2-factor Passwordless solution

inWebo is the only solution on the market that is natively multi-factor certified by the ANSSI and offers a Deviceless authentication mode to get rid of the hardware constraint linked to the second factor (smartphone or hardware key). Instead of the password, inWebo offers at least two means of authentication: the 4-digit or more PIN code and/or strong biometric authentication.

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