inWebo's Passwordless multifactor authentication solution at the FIC 2021

The International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) is back from September 7 to 9, 2021 in Lille. inWebo will be at booth #5 in the Hexatrust area, to present its latest innovations regarding access security with its multifactor strong authentication solution.

fic 2021

The International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) is back for a ride

After two postponements due to the pandemic, the time has finally come to meet again at the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC), a major European event in the cybersecurity ecosystem. The FIC is known for combining two aspects: a "Forum" for stakeholders to exchange on security and digital trust issues, and a "Trade Show" to meet buyers and suppliers of cybersecurity solutions.

Theme of FIC 2021: For a collective and collaborative cybersecurity

This year, the FIC will focus on the major operational, industrial, technological, and strategic challenges of cooperation. The event will feature workshops, conferences, masterclasses, FIC Talks, live demonstrations, etc.

inWebo at FIC: Passwordless and Deviceless

Throughout the event, inWebo will present its latest innovations in B2B and B2C application access security with its ANSSI certified multi-factor strong authentication solution.

A native 2-factor Passwordless solution

As Gartner points out, most existing "MFA" tools are really just "+1FA" tools, adding a single extra factor to an existing password. This leads to a poor user experience for relatively little gain in security. That's why native 2-factor solutions are gaining popularity with IT teams, especially since the significant security gain now goes along with a simplified user experience thanks to passwordless.

inWebo is the only solution on the market, certified by the ANSSI, that is natively multifactor and that provides a Deviceless authentication mode to overcome equipment constraint related to the second factor (smartphone or hardware key). Instead of the password, inWebo offers at least two authentication methods:

PIN code with 4 or more digits

The CNIL (French Data Protection Agency) now advises having twelve-character passwords with not just three but four different types (upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters). Not very practical for users!

inWebo allows end-users to simply go for a 4-digit (or more) PIN code, much more easy to remember, and yet (much) more secure than a password.

Up to 50% of all IT help desk calls are for password resets

Gartner, 2017

Strong biometric authentication

With Authenticator 6 (Token Mobile), inWebo MFA enables a passwordless login experience based on biometrics.

Biometric authentication is inherently tied to the user and unlike other factors (possession or knowledge), biometrics cannot be forgotten or lost.

A faster and easier passwordless user experience.

Come and meet us booth #5, in the Hexatrust area

Come and meet the team, booth #5, to discover the latest innovations and benefit from a live demonstration of the effectiveness of our MFA solution.

If you have not already done so, you can apply for registration on the FIC website by registering as a visitor.

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