FIC 2022: inWebo presents its new CIAM solution for orchestration and adaptive multi-factor authentication

The European Cybersecurity event, FIC, is back from June 7 to 9, 2022 in Lille. A great opportunity for inWebo to present its new Identity and Access Management services built upon the orchestration of its famous strong authentication solution. Come and meet us at booth N°A7-5 in the Hexatrust area.

FIC, the leading event for the CyberSec industry

Here comes the time to meet at the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC). For those who are not familiar with the event, the FIC is known for combining two aspects: a "Forum" part allowing actors to exchange on security and digital trust issues and a "Trade Show" part dedicated to meetings between buyers and suppliers of cybersecurity solutions.

Theme of FIC 2022: Shaping Europe's digital future

This 2022 edition will symbolically close the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (PFUE) with the theme "Shaping Europe's digital future".

Showcasing the complementarity of the inWebo group's solutions

inWebo will be present throughout the 3 days of the event to present its 2 flagship solutions - TrustBuilder orchestrator and inWebo MFA - and how they work together in a complete CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) offer in SaaS mode.

The inWebo group and its complete CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) offer in SaaS mode.

Identity orchestration for secure and frictionless journeys

The entire user journey, from identity verification to authentication and authorization, is dynamically interconnected with the inWebo Trustbuilder orchestrator. This greatly enhances the user identification and login experience while making it easier for the IT teams to manage the user journey.

inWebo now integrates a powerful identity orchestrator in its offer, allowing to :

  • Streamline the user login experience
  • Adapt the orchestration platform to the needs and resources with low code and/or custom development
  • Connect all kind of applications and data sources
  • Create workflows for all applications and data sources with a graphical interface
  • Centralize and unify identity management across different geographical zones
  • Optimize costs and reduce security risks
  • Adapt quickly to new regulatory requirements

Adaptive and passwordless multi-factor authentication

inWebo is historically a pure player in multi-factor authentication (MFA). The group started by building its reputation on MFA technology that has been patented and certified by the French National CyberSecurity Agency (ANSSI).

"Dynamic random keys" is a term you will only hear at inWebo, a guarantee of security unequaled among software tokens. Thanks to this proprietary technology, inWebo is the only actor able to offer SaaS authentication methods without any hardware or technical constraint to build authentication paths according to the specific uses and policies of companies.

Today, inWebo MFA continues to evolve in a UX+Security-by-Design logic and goes even further in the personalization of its offer with its customization features of graphic themes as well as in the adaptation of its tokens to the uses by answering FIDO2 requirements.

Adapt the inWebo group's technologies to your needs


CIAM - Identity and Access Orchestrator

Maintain your ecosystem of solutions and simply connect all the applications and data sources needed to create an optimal user experience.

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inWebo MFA

Looking for a solution MFA ? Take advantage of cutting-edge technology with unique capabilities on the market.

Ultra Secure CIAM - Trustbuilder Orchestrator + inWebo MFA

Combine the best of security and user experience by orchestrating your identity providers and inWebo strong authentication MFA via a powerful orchestrator with a fully customisable graphical interface.

Come and meet us booth #5, in the Hexatrust area

Come and meet the team, booth #5, to discover the latest innovations and benefit from a live demonstration of the effectiveness of our MFA solution.

If you have not already done so, you can apply for registration on the FIC website by registering as a visitor.

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