Strong authentication adapted to all sectors

Aware of the specific issues and challenges of each sector, inWebo supports the various players in the implementation of a more secure, simpler and more productive digital environment. Discover the benefits of our multi-factor strong authentication solution - MFA / 2FA - adapted to your business sector.

We ensure the security of your identities and resources


Health information is highly sensitive. How to secure identities and IS access to protect them?


How can we secure the many touch points by simplifying the user experience to improve conversion rates?

Financial Services

How to comply with PSD2 without compromising the customer experience and the ease of integration?

Multi-factor authentication - industry


Cyber-terrorism can damage not only production but also the image of industrialists. How can we protect ourselves from it?


A cyber attack can be devastating to your company's image and financial situation. How can you protect yourself while improving the user experience?

Transport / Tourism

Your users need simplicity and quickness. How do you protect their data without making the promised experience more complex?

Public Sector

Cyber attacks in the public sector are endemic and can cripple the functioning of a community. How can we protect ourselves from them?


Working methods are changing. How can we increase mobility and secure remote access?


How can you protect customer data while simplifying their connection path?

The best way to evaluate the power of inWebo's solution is to try it out for yourself.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of the MFA / 2FA inWebo multi-factor strong authentication service and enjoy uncompromised high security with ease.


Our clients share their experience

We needed to find a secure authentication solution without hardware token. inWebo allows us to authenticate without hardware support with browser enrollment!

Patrick Bequet

Technical Director, Kitry

What we appreciate about inWebo's solution is its ease, simplicity of use and it's pricing.

Serge Haudestaine

Head of Networks and Operational Security, Safran Techspace Aero

We are very satisfied with the MFA solution that meets all our requirements. We use it for remote access by external suppliers and IT administrators. It was extremely easy to integrate and implement. Moreover, the solution is user friendly.

Vesna Petrovic

Chief Information Security Officer, OTP Bank

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