Strong authentication 2FA / MFA for the industrial sector

As industries become increasingly connected, they are exposed to many and varied cyber threats. A challenge that imposes on players a reinforced security policy to protect identities and access to both internal and external applications. Discover how inWebo MFA strong authentication meets the challenges and issues of the industrial sector.

Numerous cyber threats are likely to affect industry players (energy, transport, etc.). Cyber attacks are sometimes highly targeted and sophisticated: credential stuffing, president fraud, phishing and its avatars (man in the middle, man in the browser), SIM swapping and many others. These threats weigh not only on the production chain, but also on the image of manufacturers and, inevitably, on their turnover.

The implementation of a reliable and easy-to-use MFA strong authentication solution, adapted to the challenges of the industrial sector, largely contributes to protect against these cyber threats, and can even be seen as a competitive advantage.

Within a context of digitalisation of services and working methods, the interconnections involved in Industry 4.0 make network security an ever more important and sensitive issue. The players in the sector are constantly connected with their partners, suppliers and customers, and must therefore guarantee everyone a reliable and trustworthy basis in this high value-added network.

Which strong authentication solution to choose to secure the production chain and simplify the connection experience?

From cybercrime to industrial espionage, the consequences are never minor.

As the production chain and means of communication become increasingly digitalized, the amount of data in circulation multiplies and mechanically increases the risk of cyber attacks. Each month, there is no shortage of examples, highlighting the vulnerability of many players.

5.4 million

average total cost of data leakage in the industrial and energy sector


sector with the highest cost due to data leakage (after health and financial services)


have suffered damage to the quality of their products/services as a result of a cyber-attack


of companies in the sector state that targeted attacks / APT are a major concern

Retail identities

Many risk factors

Digitalization of the production chain

Operating in a network, industrial sites are a privileged target as they represent a lucrative source of income and are sensitive to cyber-attacks. This is particularly true since the players in the sector are still relatively ill-equipped to deal with these new cyber risks.

Strategic and critical applications

They are the gateway to data and are a major vector of attack for cybercriminals, whether through phishing or identity theft.

The move to the cloud

This is a real godsend for hackers. Account spoofing gives access to a lot more data and information as the use of the Cloud becomes more widespread.


Non-revoked or reassigned employee access, remote access, BYOD... it is often more cost-effective and easier for hackers to design internal attacks to strip companies of personal data collected from their customers or employees.

Strong authentication MFA / 2FA as a security solution

The implementation of a multi-factor strong authentication solution (MFA / 2FA) protects organisations and companies in the industrial sector against cyber threats. Moreover, it can be a source of added value by promoting organizational agility, user mobility and a better authentication experience.

But be careful when choosing a strong authentication solution. Not all solutions MFA are equal.

Retail online security

Why choose inWebo?

The inWebo strong authentication solution answers the challenges and issues of the industrial sector in terms of cybersecurity.


Ultra-secure MFA: Zero Trust, Zero Theft

inWebo protects the identities of all your users: employees, VIPs, partners and customers. An infallible barrier against attacks such as Phishing, CEO Fraud, Man-In-The-Middle, SMS Forwarding, SIM spoofing and Man-In-The-Browser.


Improves productivity and reduces costs

Reduce security costs and promote teleworking and mobility. inWebo's MFA solution is a more secure environment, a faster login experience for your employees and a flexible solution that adapts to your technical environment.


Quick and easy integration

Accessible in Saas, rich in connectors, API and SDK, a solution that adapts to your technical constraints without imposing new ones.


ANSSI certification (French National Cybersecurity Agency) and RGPD compliance

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