Strong authentication for retail: protect your resources and increase your conversion rate

Don't overlook the benefits of multi-factor strong authentication (MFA/2FA) in the retail sector: strengthen your access security, protect your reputation and improve your conversion rates. But be careful not to choose just any solution MFA, not all are equal.

As a merchant, online or physical, you handle a large amount of data, both personal and financial. Your numerous points of contact, both internal and external, are vulnerable to being exploited by malicious people. Securing them is imperative to protect your customers, your reputation and, in the end, your turnover.

All the more so as, as we approach the "store of the future", new technologies are coming to all areas of retail and mass distribution. Each advance brings new risks, cybercrime and other forms of attack, which erode profits.

It is therefore necessary to set up defenses against the most common attacks: credential stuffing, phishing and its avatars (man in the middle, man in the browser), SIM swapping and many others...

How to secure without complicating and compromising the user experience?

Highly coveted customer and internal data

Retailers are constantly looking for innovations to make the shopping experience faster, simpler and more intuitive. Data-driven risk management and the rise of online payments are key issues. Data theft remains the main threat. Indeed, customer data and internal information stored by retailers is very expensive on the dark web. The impact of a cyber attack can be fatal to a company's balance sheet, both financially and in terms of reputation.

1 840 000

average cost in $ of a data leak in the retail sector


of the traffic on the login forms of e-commerce sites comes from hackers using stolen login data


of consumers would avoid using a company that has suffered from a security breach

620 000

number of Tesco customer data compromised during a loyalty program data breach

Retail identities

Many risk factors

Online payment

Loyalty payments and programs are a lucrative source that is easy for malicious individuals to attack, whether through phishing or identity theft.

E-commerce apps

Applications are the gateway to data and are an important vector of attack for cybercriminals, especially since they are generally less well protected than websites.


Non-revoked or reassigned employee access, remote access, BYOD... it is often more cost-effective and easier for hackers to design internal attacks to strip companies of personal data collected from their customers or employees.

The move to the cloud

A real boon for hackers: account spoofing gives access to a lot more data and information as the use of the cloud becomes more widespread.

Strong authentication, a security solution for your operations

In the world of cybersecurity, retailers need to protect both their internal data and that of their many customers. In addition to enhanced security, the implementation of a multi-factor strong authentication solution (2FA/MFA) in the retail sector can have a highly beneficial impact on the customer experience through a simplified and streamlined login experience: no more passwords to remember or SMS messages to copy!

But be careful when choosing a strong authentication solution. Not all solutions MFA are equal.

Retail online security

Why choose inWebo?

You don't have to sacrifice the user experience to secure your access. You can even improve it.


Ultra-secure MFA: Zero Trust, Zero Theft

inWebo protects the identities of all your users, whether internal or external, against cyber threats (credential stuffing, fraudulent access, CEO fraud, etc.) and removes security risks (weak passwords, online shopping, vulnerable e-commerce applications, etc.).

A security solution that improves productivity

inWebo's MFA solution allows you to optimize the productivity of your employees and/or your store through a more secure environment and a simpler and faster connection experience that promotes teleworking and mobility.
Reduce the effort of IT teams by taking advantage of a solution that adapts to your technical environment.


Simplified user experience to improve your conversion rate

Don't overlook the power of the MFA to increase customer satisfaction and your conversion rate. With inWebo, deliver a passwordless, simpler and faster connection experience  to all your usersregardless of the trusted token: smartphone, tablet, computer, browser. The solution adapts to the equipment of your users.


PSD2 and GDPR compliance

The regulatory requirements in the retail sector are becoming more and more stringent: the inWebo strong authentication solution is compliant with the rules of personal data protection (RGPD) and supports you in achieving compliance PSD2.


ANSSI Certification

Retail certifications

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