Seen in the press: Le Journal du Net talks about passwordless multifactor authentication

When it comes to access protection, companies aim to improve both the level of security and the user experience. Passwordless multi-factor authentication fulfils this dual mission perfectly.


Le Journal du Net

How Multifactor Authentication is gaining traction across businesses

"inWebo MFA provides seamless authentication via a notification received on a trusted device to authenticate with biometrics or a PIN code. This "passwordless" experience is relevant to many use cases: access to cloud or intranet applications, access to mobile applications, access to one's PC or smartphone. All this with a higher level of security and a simplified user experience."

Olivier Perroquin, inWebo Group President

How do you do passwordless?

Content to combine cybersecurity and UX (User Experience)

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Find out how to boost your cybersecurity and your users' login experience with passwordless authentication.


[webinar] Passwordless authentication: a simple way to make your users happy

Find out how to implement passwordless strong authentication in just 3 lines of code with inWebo MFA.

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Highest level of security on the market

inWebo MFA features the unique and patented technology of dynamic random keys. This ensures the highest level of security on the market. Solution certified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI).

Easy integration and deployment

Accessible in Saas, rich in connectors, API and SDK, a solution that adapts to your technical architecture, without imposing new constraints. Deploy MFA quickly and on a very large scale, without human contact or logistics.

Passwordless and deviceless user experience

inWebo allows you to offer a simplified user experience, extended to all dimensions of authentication, from enrollment to login thanks to its universal, passwordless and deviceless tokens.

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