Le Figaro: inWebo, a performance driver for the Cloud

In just over a decade, inWebo has established itself as the leading French pure player in cloud security. Its technology, certified by the French Security Agency (ANSSI), has seduced more than 50% of the French biggest companies (CAC40) and is gaining international exposure. Olivier Perroquin, President of inWebo, gives us an insight in an interview with Le Figaro, one of France's most famous business newspapers

Interview in Le Figaro

Le Figaro highlights inWebo MFA for securing the Cloud and new hybrid work modes

Hybrid working methods, cloud-based applications, digital transformation projects and online banking are just a few of the many use cases that reveal the value of relying on a strong authentication specialist like inWebo to address these new challenges.

Olivier Perroquin, inWebo Group President


What is inWebo's positioning?

Olivier Perroquin inWebo is a leading cybersecurity French company specialized in strong authentication MFA solutions. Our goal is to secure users' identities and access to online services. Hence, we are an asset to the Cloud and, more generally, to the digital transformation. Indeed, guaranteeing that a connection is initiated by the right person is crucial to the effective development of the Cloud. Strong multifactor authentication (MFA) now enables digital projects that were previously blocked for security reasons.

Could you explain the process of inWebo MFA and its added value

Olivier Perroquin inWebo protects digital identities, preventing them from being compromised and, therefore, securing the data to which they have access. This is achieved through multifactor authentication (MFA), which eliminates the traditional password and provides proof of identity by using a unique code that can never be reproduced twice in a row and is therefore not usurpable. Accessible in SaaS mode and easy to implement, inWebo's MFA solution uses whatever the user has (phone, computer, tablet or even browser) combined with personal codes or biometrics to create this proof of identity.

A wide range of authentication methods to answer the needs and challenges of small and large organizations, both private and public.

Cybersecurity, a key component for the cloud?

Olivier Perroquin There has been a growing desire among companies to make their accesses more secure, even before the health crisis. And the past year has confirmed the urgent need for access security. New hybrid ways of working, cloud-based applications, digital transformation projects and online banking are just some of the use cases that reveal the value of relying on a pure player like inWebo to successfuly meet these changes.

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Highest level of security on the market

inWebo MFA features the unique and patented technology of dynamic random keys. This ensures the highest level of security on the market. Solution certified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI).

Easy integration and deployment

Accessible in Saas, rich in connectors, API and SDK, a solution that adapts to your technical architecture, without imposing new constraints. Deploy MFA quickly and on a very large scale, without human contact or logistics.

Passwordless and deviceless user experience

inWebo allows you to offer a simplified user experience, extended to all dimensions of authentication, from enrollment to login thanks to its universal, passwordless and deviceless tokens.

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