Mapping of the Cyberdefense Landscape: Solutions to combine with MFA

Cyberdefense is an ever-changing landscape. Each player has its own specialities, its own specificities and ultimately its own area of expertise. For a complete protection of your infrastructure, it is key to be fully equipped with a set of tools and services. Each of them has a specific role to play, whether it is for log management, alerting, checking the integrity of the machines using anti-virus, anti-malware, etc.

Cyberdefense strategy: which tools to use?

Multifactor authentication (MFA) as a first layer of a cyberdefense strategy

Multifactor authentication (MFA), or strong authentication, is a key component of a Zero Trust security framework as it protects access to a network, application or other resource by ensuring that it is the legitimate person seeking access.

Let's imagine that MFA was a key to open the lock of the door accessing the company's data. If this key allows the right person to open the door, the security of the lock can be compromised by an open window. Thus, it is crucial to combine several cybersecurity tools and solutions to ensure that data is in a secure environment.

Mapping the Cyberdefense Tools to combine with MFA

To help you build a roadmap for the implementation of your cyberdefense strategy, inWebo has listed several solutions, classified in 3 categories:

  • Protection / Security
  • Admin / Governance
  • Communication / Sharing
Mapping cyber defence solutions - inWebo MFA

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Highest level of security on the market

inWebo MFA features the unique and patented technology of dynamic random keys. This ensures the highest level of security on the market. Solution certified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI).

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Accessible in Saas, rich in connectors, API and SDK, a solution that adapts to your technical architecture, without imposing new constraints. Deploy MFA quickly and on a very large scale, without human contact or logistics.

Passwordless and deviceless user experience

inWebo allows you to offer a simplified user experience, extended to all dimensions of authentication, from enrolment to login thanks to its universal, passwordless and deviceless tokens.

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