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Most cyber attacks originate from the theft and fraudulent use of identification data. Multifactor authentication (MFA) is an effective countermeasure as long as the level of security offered by the solution is not compromised. inWebo is constantly innovating to ensure the highest level of security without compromising the user experience or the ease of integration and deployment.

Universal B2B / B2C multifactor authentication

inWebo allows your users to access their applications securely and in a very simple way, whether they are in the office or remotely, with or without a connection, no matter which device they are using.

360° protection

Secure ALL your applications: VPN, AMI, PAM and more. We protect access to resources and provide a unified connection experience across all sensitive applications.

Fluid experience

Enable your customers, employees, service providers and partners to enjoy a simplified connection experience, with no equipment constraints. We turn their smartphones, computers and even their browsers into trusted tokens for multifactor authentication MFA purposes.

Simple integration

Immediately, easily and quickly deploy your multifactor authentication MFA projects without changing your architecture. Accessible in Saas, rich in connectors, API and SDK, inWebo adapts to your constraints without imposing new ones.


Get compliant. We comply with security and privacy regulations (RGPD). Our transaction sealing technology is compliant with the PSD2 .

controlled budget

Enjoy complete protection with no surprises. Our all-in-one subscription model is only based on the number of users.

clear SLA

inWebo is committed to delivering quality of service. Benefit from our guarantee on the availability of your MFA solution and our explicit SLA (Service Level Agreement) adapted to the stakes of companies.

ANSSI Certification

ANSSI Certification

The inWebo multifactor authentication technology is certified by the National Agency for Information Systems Security. This certification attests to the robustness of a product. As a user, by choosing a certified product, you are assured that the functionalities offer a proven level of security and resist attacks of a determined level. See the ANSSI certification brochure

Label France Cybersecurity

France Cybersecurity Label 2020

The "France Cybersecurity Label" guarantees all users that the products and services are French and that they have clear and well defined features, with a high level of quality attested by an independent jury. Learn more about the Label.

We are very satisfied with inWebo's Multifactor Authentication Solution (MFA) which meets all our requirements. We use it for remote access of external providers and IT administrators. Its integration and implementation was extremely easy. Moreover, the solution is user friendly.

Vesna Petrovic

Chief Information Security Officer, OTP Bank

Vesna Petrovic IOC

inWebo can be integrated into all your SaaS applications, VPN access solutions, Privileged Accounts (PAM), Single Sign-On (SSO), Identity and Access Management (IAM) and even from the design stage of your applications.

inWebo's multifactor authentication solution meets your authentication needs and protects your resources with flexible integration modes that can be adapted to the specific context of each need.

Many options to enhance the security of your authentication

According to your needs, you can use inWebo to add a security layer to existing application passwords, to replace them entirely, to combine biometric authentication along with any token authentication, or even to limit the number of authorized tokens.

cybersecurity strong authentication MFA

Turn any device or application into an authentication tool

security identities MFA authentication

A ready-to-use multifactor authentication solution

inWebo helps you to meet the challenge of managing strong authentication on networks of several thousand users. This involves integration, testing, provisioning, embedding, user support, administration, auditing, usage data analysis...

We make sure that all of these areas are fully covered in our solution. Thanks to our programming interface (API) and development kit (SDK), you can execute them from existing tools at any time. Provisioning and integration are supported from your identity management platform.

The IWDS tool (inWebo Directory Sync) is designed to help you synchronize users, groups and processes within your inWebo account. Integrated and customizable tools will help you deploy our solution to all your users without having to create a workflow. Our authentication tools are available for download and can be customized with your brandring.

New features

Transactions Sealing

With the arrival of the PSD2 in Europe, ensuring the security of transactions is becoming a regulatory issue for all commercial and financial players. inWebo provides a transaction sealing solution that establishes a dynamic link between the transaction, the amount and the beneficiary. Therefore, the transaction becomes unrepudiable.

Strong authentication for AZURE Active Directory

The inWebo MFA strong authentication solution is compatible with Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management service (Azure AD). With a quick and easy integration and deployment, benefit from the combination of enhanced security and a smooth user experience.

Whatever your business activity, protecting digital identities is essential.

MFA multifactor authentication for all industries

Aware of the problems and challenges specific to each sector, inWebo assists the various players in the implementation of a safer, simpler and more productive digital environment. Discover the benefits of our MFA solution adapted to your sector of activity.


Health information is highly sensitive. How to secure identities and IS access to protect them?


How can we secure the many touch points by simplifying the user experience to improve conversion rates?

Financial Services

How to comply with PSD2 without compromising the customer experience and the ease of integration?

MFA inWebo strong authentication

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