inWebo Windows Logon

Secure Windows sessions online and off-line with a flexible MFA

inWebo Windows Logon allows a user to open a Windows session using inWebo MFA mobile app. When the user logs in to his Windows system, he is prompted for secondary approval, thus enhancing security.

Why use inWebo MFA for Windows Logon?

The workstation is one of the most sensitive items in terms of security of IT Systems. It gives direct access to all locally stored and unprotected cloud assets. It can also be an enrolled device that grants access to protected data and services, in combination with a PIN code. That is why the process to log into the workstation - Windows Logon - raises high security concerns.

Insecure passwords

Even strong passwords are weak and certainly not up to the task of protecting your most precious assets

Vulnerable shared workstations

A multi-user workstation is easily accessible to everyone and therefore requires a high level of security

Unsecured remote access

The lack of remote access security is an easy way for hackers to take control of the system and access data in a completely transparent way

Why should you encrypt your Workstation local storage even with MFA?

Picture Windows Logon as the front door to your data. Protecting this front entrance with a MFA solution is crucial, but it will not prevent malicious people from getting through the window. That's why inWebo recommends to encrypt all data stored locally as an extra security.

Can I remove the need for Windows password by adding MFA?

Your Windows password is the first step in this double authentication (MFA) and is therefore crucial to ensure the security of your account, regardless of the PC you are logging into or the applications, settings and services you are using while logged in.

Cover all access scenarios with inWebo MFA for Windows Logon

To secure your data with a MFA solution, it is essential to manage all access scenarios. inWebo allows you to add multi-factor authentication to your Windows session under different configurations.

Secure Windows Workstation local account

Secure Windows Workstation domain account

Secure Remote Desktop connection to Windows

Securing shared Workstation under Windows

What use cases are covered to protect your Windows account?

Standard authentication

Online / internet access

With a phone

After entering its Windows credentials, the user will be able to securely authenticate to its Windows account via a push notification on its mobile Authenticator application.

Offline authentication

Offline access

With a phone

In offline mode, the user has two options to access its Windows session: generate a scratch code with Authenticator mobile app or request a code from the administrator/help desk directly from the Windows login portal.

Authentication without smartphone

Offline access

Without a phone

The user will be able to request a code from his administrator/helpdesk directly from the Windows login portal simply by selecting "I forgot my device / I'm offline". He will then be provided with a scratch code to open his Windows session.

How does the user generate a code from his/her Authenticator mobile app?

Users can generate scratch codes completely independently from their Authenticator app (on an enrolled device) by going to the "My Desktops" section and clicking on "Reveal Code" on that desktop.

inWebo makes it easy to protect Windows Logon

Automatic activation of the feature on the user’s workstations
Easy to manage from the admin console
Transparent rollout for the end-user
Lock a workstation in a few clicks

How to setup MFA on Windows Logon with inWebo

Easily, rapidly and massively deploy inWebo MFA in just 5 steps to secure all Windows Sessions.


Step 1 - Activate the feature

Step 2 - Set up the Windows logon connector
Step 3 - Install inWebo Windows Logon
Step 4 - Test your setup
Step 5 - Perform mass deployment

Hundreds of integrations available to secure all your applications

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