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Discover our international partners. Feel free to contact us to recommend a partner in your geographical area, whatever the stage of your authentication or identity and access management (IAM) project: strategy, vendor evaluation, proof of concept, design and implementation.

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  • Accenture
    Consulting company
    Accenture is a global management consulting, technology and outsourcing company. Combining its experience and research and innovation capabilities developed and implemented with the world's leading organizations across all businesses and industries, Accenture helps its clients - corporations and governments - strengthen their performance.
  • Adines
    Service Integrator
    ADINES is an integrator of services and IT infrastructure solutions with high added value. The company assists in the study, implementation, operation and continuous improvement of IT infrastructures in the fields of networks and telecommunications, systems, storage and information security.
  • Advens
    Consulting company
    Advens is a company specialized in information security management. It helps organizations, public or private, to manage information security in perfect alignment with their business challenges and to improve their performance. Their approach is based on in-depth sectoral expertise in the fields of distribution, finance, industry, health, services or public administration.
  • ai3
    Solution Integrator
    Ai³ is a consulting company and integrator of innovative solutions based on Microsoft technologies. Ai³ provides its customers with its expertise and know-how to optimize their productivity while respecting their constraints and needs within the framework of a resolutely original and indispensable vision: Usage.
  • Antea Group
    Consulting company
    Antea Group is an international environmental engineering and consulting company specializing in complete solutions in the fields of environment, health and safety, and sustainable development.
  • Antemeta
    Service Provider
    AntemetA is a French company specialized in infrastructure and cloud computing since 1995. AntemetA helps companies to transform their information systems. The company offers a mastery of technologies around five key competencies: Network, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Data Management and Application.
  • Atalanta
  • avenet
    Service Provider
    AVENET offers a complete portfolio of products in the field of connectivity, data centers and their management. The company also provides security solutions based on source code analysis and we also offer encryption devices for the protection of your data and e-mail communication.
  • Axians Cybersecurity
    Consulting company
    Axians supports its clients - private companies, public sector, operators and service providers - in the evolution of their infrastructures and digital solutions. Through consulting, design, integration and services, Axians develops customised solutions to transform technology into added value.
  • Base4Sec
    Consulting and IT services
    Base4 Security helps its customers to prevent and mitigate all kinds of cyber threats in a very effective way. Base4 Security specializes in CyberSOC, intrusion testing, vulnerability research assessment, cyber security consulting, security solution implementation, cloud security, DevSecOps, etc.
  • Bizsecure
    Network Security
    Bizsecure Asia Pacific is a leading distributor of IT security solutions and specializes in IT/OT cybersecurity. Bizsecure's mission is to provide innovative, world-class solutions to protect users' digital assets from cyber attacks.
  • brain network
    IT Solutions Reseller
    Brain Networks is a value-added reseller specializing in cyber security and network architecture. Brain Networks has built its reputation on technical expertise, commercial responsiveness and commitment to results.
  • c3ntro
    A world-renowned telecommunications company in Mexico, C3NTRO enables unified communication over the Internet using a cloud-based network and advanced VoIP technology.
  • Cefiros
    Consulting and IT services
    Céfiros, although very young, is composed of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity market. Their mission is to give a real added value to the different actors of the market, adapting to the needs of each one and becoming the link between customer, integrator and manufacturer.
  • CIPS-Informatica logo
    Network Security
    CIPS Informatica is a platform dedicated to the ICT world. Their mission? The quality of their solutions, their reliability and security.
  • Claranet
    Consulting and IT services
    Claranet is an expert in the modernization and operation of critical applications and infrastructures. Their growing global presence is based on their original foundation: a local service provided by local teams, using a mix of local and international infrastructures.
  • Clouds_Dubai
    Distributor - Cybersecurity
    Clouds Dubai is a value added distributor in the Middle East taking care of Cybersecurity, Cloud & Backup requirements. The company provides cybersecurity services like Penetration Testing, SOC as a Service, Digital Forensics, Compromise Assessment, Cloud Migration, Virtual CISO, Source Code Review, Security Awareness Training, Threat Hunting & Incident Response.
  • Conpal GmbH
    Network Security
    Conpal is a manufacturer and provider of IT security solutions focused on encryption, device security, authentication and secure identities. The company develops its own products and offers software solutions and technologies from partner companies.
  • CPSD
    Network Security
    CPSD develops high quality encryption solutions for security-conscious companies. The company also supports its customers through numerous technological partnerships.
  • Cyber Security Management
    Consulting and IT services
    Cyber Security Management protects and secures infrastructures and information systems. They guarantee system reliability and data confidentiality thanks to a tailor-made service, a team of qualified specialists and the use of the most innovative technologies.
  • Datacontrol
    Service Provider
    Data Control TI is a company specialized in computer systems which, after more than 20 years in the ICT sector, has managed to invest its experience to reinvent itself, in order to offer cybersecurity solutions. To do so, it has a team of professionals with extensive experience in protecting the computer systems of a multitude of organizations in different fields.
  • Digital-Security
    Network Security
    Digital.Security is dedicated to helping companies to continuously improve the way they protect their information and support them in securing their digital transformation and the opportunities offered by IoT.
  • EVA Group logo
    IT Consulting, Cybersecurity
    A renowned international IT and Cybersecurity Consultancy, EVA Group assists major accounts and SMEs in the luxury goods, banking, industry and services sectors, as well as governmental agencies since 2007.
  • Evidian
    Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    Evidian is Atos Origin's Identity and Access Management (IAM) software suite. Evidian IAM is the European leader in IAM software, with a rapidly growing presence outside the European continent, notably in the United States and Japan.
  • Exaprobe
    Solution Integrator
    Exaprobe, a subsidiary of the Econocom group, supports companies at every stage of their digital journey. The company defines, integrates and operates digital services and infrastructures for all network, security, unified communication and audiovisual needs, both in-house and in the Cloud.
    Network Security
    ExecuData is a service company in the field of cybersecurity. The company has a certified staff to monitor and administer the various security solutions so that the customer companies can fully dedicate themselves to their activity.
  • Filippetti-group
    Technology Provider
    Filippetti Group is a global Technology Provider, that supports companies and major industrial groups in their path towards continuous digital innovation.
    It offers integrated solutions for the IT infrastructures modernization, multicloud and hybrid clouds, data & business applications, cybersecurity and vertical solutions for multiple markets.
  • Green Light Technology
    Consulting and IT services
    GLT is an expert in the field of new information technologies and data security. The company provides a full range of services in auditing, consulting, design, implementation and maintenance of information systems.
  • i-tracing
    Network Security
    I-TRACING is an expert company in computer security, specializing in the traceability of information, the impact of legal compliance on information systems, the security of information systems and telecommunications, and the enhancement of electronic evidence and traces.
  • ICA-SyS
    Consulting and IT services
    As a trusted technological partner, the Group supports its customers in their digital transformation process, ensuring better IT protection for their organizations, developing their infrastructures and offering them a team specializing in information technology.
  • ICOS
    IT Solutions
    ICOS is a Value Added Distributor (VAD) of enterprise IT solutions. The company provides a full range of computing, data management, networking and security solutions from leading and emerging vendors. ICOS also offers technical and marketing high value services.
  • IG technologies logo
    Information security integrator
    IG Technologies is an integrator of information security, with a global presence in the USA, Caribbean, and other Latin American countries.
    We offer end-to-end solutions to design, build, install and service, delivering profitability to your business.
  • Iliane
    Services, Distribution and Cloud
    Organized in 3 IT divisions "Services, Distribution & Cloud", Iliane is specialized in digital transformation. The company has been providing companies in the Pays de la Loire, Brittany and Centre-Val de Loire regions with global solutions for their Information Systems since 1982.
  • insight
    Provider of IT solutions and services
    Insight is a global provider of solutions and services for digital innovation, data center and cloud transformation, connected workforce and supply chain optimization.
  • Ironie SAS
    IT Consulting
    Ironie.fr is a consulting company and integrator specialized in cybersecurity. Ironie works with its customers to implement solutions that enable them to achieve their goals and objectives regarding their information systems security.
  • logo kirey group
    IT consulting and services
    Kirey Group is an innovation provider of new business efficiency models. Kirey Group rigorously designs projects and supports companies through the Digital Transformation, offering customized solutions, strategic consulting and a full range of IT services.
  • Kleverware - The Key solution to Governance
    Software publisher
    Kleverware, a French editor, is a precursor in the field of identity and access governance. With its innovations and the recognition of the market by obtaining labels, Kleverware demonstrates the innovation and robustness of its solutions. These solutions are used by big names in banking, insurance and retail to audit hundreds of thousands of rights every day.
  • Lexfo
    Network Security
    LEXFO is an independent firm of audits and technical expertise in information systems security whose vocation is to help its clients in the protection of their information assets through an offensive approach.
  • Systematika logo
    IT Solutions Distributor
    Since 1983, Systematika Distribution is dedicated to the deployment of information technology for the professional market, with the aim of representing the reference point for VARs, system integrators and resellers that look for innovative and reliable technologies.
  • logo LS-international
    LS International SA is a Swiss company with an international vision: it is part of Lantech Longwave, the Italian leading system integrator, and part of the Zucchetti Group, the first software house in Europe. Its main target is creating simple and efficient ways to collaborate between people and companies through innovative IT networking technologies with special focus on Cybersecurity. 
  • MBVsi
    IT Services
    MBV has 3 areas of expertise including MBV Si - IT Services. MBV Si has extensive experience ranging from secure hosting with high added value to the complete delegation of IT services for companies.
  • Mechsoft Technologies
    Service Provider
    Mechsoft Technologies is a leading IT solutions distributor based in Dubai, specializing in the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), backup and cyber security solutions.
  • multipoint
    IT Solutions Distributor
    Multipoint is a company that distributes data security and networking software and hardware products in Israel, Greece, Malta and Cyprus.
  • New Vision Softlan
    Network Security
    New Vision SoftLan is a national company specializing in information security services and technologies whose goal is to guarantee the continuity of organizations' activities.
  • Nomios
    Consulting and IT services
    Nomios supports its customers in the study, choice, installation, operation, evolution and maintenance of security solutions and performance optimization of corporate networks.
  • Novacs
    Consulting and IT services
    NOVACS' main objective is to help public and private companies introduce new technologies into their environment. NOVACS is a partner of choice for introducing innovation and supporting customers in their digital transformation.
  • novidys
    Consulting and IT services
    Novidy's specialises in the network and security market, and is involved in the areas of consulting and auditing, integration and support, and Security Management services on security architectures.
  • nss
    IT Solutions Distributor
    NSS is an international distributor of advanced IT solutions, covering technology areas such as information security, networking, unified communications, data storage, virtualization and data center infrastructure systems.
  • on-x
    Consulting and IT services
    ON-X is an independent French consulting firm specialized in consulting and integration of digital technology in companies, administrations and communities.
  • Openminded
    Network Security
    Openminded is a pure French cybersecurity player. The company addresses the needs of all types of customers in the public or private sector, both large accounts, ETIs and SMEs.
  • Orange-cyber-defense
    Network Security
    Orange Cyberdefense is the leader in cyber security in Europe and supports companies in securing their activities and data.
  • Ozitem
    Consulting and IT services
    The Ozitem group is the addition of two infrastructure experts: Ozitem for in-situ infrastructure and Owentis for cloud infrastructure. Their objective: to bring value to your IT ecosystem.
  • Paradigma-IT
    Network Security
    Paradigma-IT is specialized in the fields of computer security and the sale of software and hardware. In addition, the company provides commercial support to service providers and manufacturers in the field of IT security.
    Consulting and IT services
    Prolival is a French IT company specialising in the design, implementation and management of IT infrastructures for its clients.
  • Rampar by MAJJ
    Network Security
    Rampar is a major French player in integration, Cloud and Managed Services in the fields of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure.
  • Real-Security
    IT Solutions Distributor
    REAL security is an international distribution company specialized in the field of cybersecurity products and solutions. The company also provides its customers with consulting, planning, implementation, training and support services.
  • SCC
    Consulting and IT services
    SCC is one of the largest independent IT groups in Europe. SCC provides services in data centre, network and communications modernisation, workplace productivity, business process outsourcing, security and innovation.
  • SecureFLO
    SecureFLO is a boutique cybersecurity and privacy services firm. The company provides assessments, testing and training to help its customers reduce data security and privacy risks.
  • shi
    Consulting and IT services
    SHI helps companies develop strategies and solutions that will foster innovation, collaboration and cyber security - with a focus on cost optimization.
  • SMLB-Next
    IT Solutions Distributor
    SMLB-NEXT is a wholesaler specialized in the distribution of business solutions for 25 years. Its mission is to simplify and fluidify relations between suppliers, customers and end users.
  • Sodifrance
    Consulting and IT services
    Sodifrance ensures the transition between legacy IS and new IT models, enabling organizations of all sizes to strengthen their competitiveness and collaborate more effectively thanks to innovative solutions focused on mobility, security, Big Data and the Cloud.
  • SoftwareOne
    Provider of IT solutions and services
    SoftwareONE is a leading global provider of platforms, solutions and services. Their offerings range from licensing and procurement to software lifecycle management and all aspects of the Cloud, consulting, delivery and management.
  • S&T
    Provider of IT solutions and services
    S&T Albania is an end-to-end systems provider that offers a portfolio of services specific to its customers' market in the areas of consulting, integration and outsourcing.
  • Synetis
    Network Security
    SYNETIS brings both functional and technological advice and expertise to companies in order to secure their IS in a global way.
  • TechG Infotech
    Consulting and IT services
    TechG Infotech will create a new technology service center, whose slogan "Support with New Technology" reflects the innovative and customer-centric offerings aimed at integrating technology into businesses. With their alternative thinking and their principle of accepting no limits, they are driving positive change towards a new world of new opportunities.
  • Ticteo
    TICTEO has a simple basic principle: we offer customers a flexible, innovative and responsive partnership, to protect all their information-based assets We are specializing in Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAM Governance, SSO, IAM Support Services, MFA, SOC
  • Trustbuilder
    TrustBuilder integrates smart, smooth and secure ecosystems for enterprises combining frictionless customer experience with best-in-class security. Their unique CIAM platform is fueled by ultimate flexibility, thanks to a powerful orchestration engine, a flexible development platform and an extensive number of built-in connectors.
  • UGAP
    Central purchasing agency
    UGAP is a public industrial and commercial establishment created in 1985 and placed under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Finance and Public Accounts, on the one hand, and the Ministry of National Education, on the other hand. Today, it is the only "generalist" French public purchasing centre and is a specific player in public purchasing.
  • Wallix
    Network Security
    For more than a decade, WALLIX has been protecting companies' most critical IT and strategic assets from data leakage, making it the European expert in privileged access management.

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