PSD2 and strong client authentication SCA: combine security and a simplified user experience

With the PSD2 , strong client authentication (SCA) becomes mandatory and the second factor sent by SMS - a solution that is neither practical nor secure - is non-compliant. This means that an effective strong authentication solution must be implemented without compromising the customer experience or ease of integration.

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inWebo, the MFA solution " PSD2 by design".

In order to secure online payments and transactions, the Directive PSD2 requires Strong Client Authentication (SCA). The challenge for financial services and retailers is to achieve compliance without harming the user experience.

Discover how and why inWebo's Strong Authentication (MFA) offers a unique combination of security, speed of implementation and ease of use.

Adapts to your technical architecture for a quick and easy integration process

Smooth user experience to improve your conversion rates and increase team productivity

Unique technology based on dynamic random keys, offering the highest security on the market

Cyril Faure-Chappat -  PSD2  SCA

Cyril Faure-Chappat

Cybersecurity Sales Engineer

Jean-François d'Argenlieu -  PSD2  SCA

Jean-François d'Argenlieu

VP Business Development

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