Turn Salesforce MFA requirement into an enabler

Start upgrading all your apps to Passwordless & Smartphoneless authentication

Starting from February 1, 2022, all users who log in to Salesforce products must use Multifactor Authentication (MFA). Choosing an MFA solution that brings all stakeholders together on priorities for improving UX and security is the first step to this requirement with the aim to extend MFA to all your applications.

What if Salesforce's obligation was an opportunity

Salesforce Authenticator offers Mobile and FIDO tokens. inWebo's SaaS based technology adds browser and desktop tokens (deviceless) to the fold, thus removing equipment constraints (smartphones, keys) tied to Salesforce Authenticator.

With Salesforce’s requirement, now is the perfect time to move to passwordless authentication and expand it to all your apps while eliminating the need for your users to own or carry tangible tokens - even a smartphone.

During this webinar, get insights on the opportunities of this transition, whether or not you have already determined the MFA solution to protect your Salesforce’s access.

bruno prigent

Bruno Prigent

Cybersecurity Engineer

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