Help with Activation Code

inWebo is a secure way to sign in to your account(s) managed by organizations such as your bank, your employer, or your healthcare provider. Please note that you can not create an inWebo profile for yourself and link it to your accounts – organizations need to do that for you for the accounts they manage. As an example, your bank will create the inWebo profile that you need to sign in to your bank account.

Once you have an inWebo profile linked to some account, you need to activate that profile on one or several devices such as your laptop, your tablet, or your smartphone. For this, that organization will have provided you a activation codes when it creates your inWebo profile. Note that it might just be a clickable link in an email sent by that organization or by inWebo on its behalf.

If you have not received a activation code or email, please first check your spam folder (just in case) and if there’s still nothing there, contact these organizations directly – depending on the organization it might be the IT Support or the hotline. Note that some organizations authorize their users to request a activation code online from this page.