inWebo Multi Factor Authentication
for Enterprise and Business Customers

inWebo identity toolkit for IoT security

Lots of things are getting connected, from cars to fridges to lights bulbs to medical devices. Access security is paramount, both for consumer and industrial IoT deployments. Privacy and safety are at stake, no longer just money or reputation. inWebo provides the building blocks required to secure access.

Connected Cars, Autonomous Vehicles, Fleet Management, Mobility Services

Secure authentication use cases now abound in the automotive industry: who accesses a car (e.g. virtual key for rentals, car sharing, or autonomous vehicles), who remotely controls it (e.g. fleet management), who uses Cloud-based services from the car (e.g. insurance, payment, or entertainment). inWebo provides technologies and components to prevent identity theft – and its potentially heavy consequences – in the fast growing connected car industry.

Connected Health, Medical Devices

To save lives and costs, patient data must be instantly available to healthcare professionals, at the hospital, at the practice, on the go. Small medical devices at home reduce the need to travel for routine monitoring but also to administer medication. inWebo provides the technologies needed for making health related data easily accessible to legitimate users and services, while keeping it private and secure.

Connected Home

Connecting home appliances to the Internet is expected to facilitate the number of value added services. Imagine that fridges can restock automatically, home theaters can download content, washing machines can provide all kinds of diagnostics… However, we need to make sure that no one remotely hacks into the appliances. inWebo provides the technologies to make sure that no one messes up the connected things you have sold.

Industrial IoT

The potentials of industrial IoT just emerge, from agile supply chains to remote maintenance, to automatic infrastructure surveillance, to improved logistics… Cybersecurity is not an option here. Please talk to us at the design stage, we’ll explain how inWebo can help.

Home Security Systems

It seems scary that anyone can remotely disconnect a surveillance camera or the alarm protecting a home simply by hacking a password. This is an obvious use case for secure frictionless authentication. inWebo provides the technologies (API & SDK) for this use case. It doesn’t seem that anti-burglar service providers or insurance companies have realized it yet…