A Comprehensive Authentication Toolkit for Service Providers

Passwords are no longer a satisfactory compromise for your online business: security is low, while authentication requirements bother your customers. inWebo helps you improve security and convenience at the same time.

Payments and Checkout

Secure user authentication is paramount for secure payments and checkout, both online and mobile. PDS2 makes it mandatory for SEPA transactions, but even without regulation, it makes sense to implement user authentication to fight fraud. However, you don’t want customers to cancel their purchase because of the additional security requirements. This is precisely where inWebo can help, whether you are an e-commerce site, a payment wallet, or an issuer of payment methods.

inWebo multi factor authentication methods, web and mobile, add a layer of security by linking user authentication to trusted devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Users don’t see that. They only need to confirm their transaction by entering their PIN or by using the fingerprint sensor of their smartphone (other forms of biometric authentication can also be used). The experience is frictionless.


Real money = real risks. But the last thing you want is to build a Fort Knox that your customers don’t dare enter. Very few are the banks that have found the right balance between security and convenience for online or mobile transactions. SMS, hardware tokens, and connected smartcard readers are still massively used. Not only do they frustrate customers, but they are also usually implemented in a way that provides little additional security. The user authentication technologies proposed by inWebo allow to build secure web and mobile banking services that customers still love.


To save lives and costs, patient data must be instantly available to healthcare professionals, at the hospital, at the practice, on the go. Patients want to check online when they are reimbursed for their medical costs. inWebo helps make patient data easily accessible while keeping it private and secure.

Premium Content

If your business relies on direct monetization of content, especially in a subscription model, you should better know who is accessing the contents. Right holders won’t be happy if you don’t. Of course, the security technology that you implement to protect content should not frustrate the customers who legitimately paid for the content. That’s precisely what inWebo can help you achieve.

University, Research, Education, & Non-Profit

Non-for-profit organizations might be more budget-constrained than the private sector but the security threats and challenges they face are similar and need appropriate answers. By providing ‘free’ authentication methods – i.e. that don’t need to be purchased and shipped to users and that don’t add a fee for each transaction -, inWebo allows keeping the authentication budget in reasonable limits. This is a cost-effective yet high-grade security solution. Don’t compromise on security!