Use Cases and Solution White-Papers

Please find below a list of supported use cases. These pages also provide pointers to additional solution white-papers.

Enterprise MFA for

  • Radius Authentication: this is the way to very quickly add 2FA to VPNs and remote access solutions
  • Cloud Applications: thanks to inWebo SAML and OpenID Connect connectors, you only need a simple configuration to add 2FA to your favorite business applications including Salesforce, Google Apps, Box, and thousands more…
  • Office 365: inWebo supports various ways to add 2FA to Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud applications, with or without ADFS.
  • Google Suite: Google made it really easy, inWebo too. Protecting your Email domain, Calendar, Drive, and all other Google Suite applications requires a 5-minute configuration. Literally.
  • Single Sign-On and Identity Access Management: find out which SSO and IAM vendors we support.
  • RD Gateway and virtual desktops: inWebo has developed a plugin and build integrations to add MFA to remote connections to servers and virtual desktops.
  • Windows Logon: inWebo Credential Provider adds a layer of security for local sessions as well as network connections.

Web & Mobile 2FA for

  • Payments and Checkout: compliant strong authentication for 3D-Secure and PSD2, among others.
  • Banking: mobile, web, phone, branch office, inWebo has a slick authentication solution for all your channels.
  • Healthcare: to secure access to patient and healthcare data and meet privacy and healthcare compliance requirements.
  • Blochain Apps: secure digital identity for Blockchain-based transactions.
  • ISVs: inWebo provides you with a toolkit to enforce a slick MFA option for access to your application, much more more flexible than SMS.
  • Premium Content: if your business model relies on content monetization, inWebo has a simple framework for you to enforce a secure access to content.

IoT Security for

  • Connected Cars and Connected Mobility Services: we provide cloud-based authentication for in-car transactions, with support of biometric second factors for a better and safer user experience.
  • Connected Health, Medical Devices: enforcing a strict control of access to user data is paramount. inWebo 2FA is a simple way to achieve this.
  • Connected Home: your customers want to control everything from their smartphone. We provide you with a framework to both open access to legitimate users and prevent bad guys from turning it into attacks.
  • Industrial IoT: as systems get connected, cyber risks rise. inWebo helps you set up a secure access control to prevent bad guys from messing with your infrastructure.
  • Non-connected and shared resources: inWebo Local Authorization framework enables you to enforce secure and fine-grained access control even when there’s no Internet connectivity. Control who has access to cars, facilities, ATMs, events, on-board applications…