inWebo releases mobile authentication connector for Microsoft ADFS

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inWebo releases mobile phone based authentication

for Microsoft Cloud Applications

Paris and Seattle, October 23rd, 2014 – Microsoft and inWebo Technologies, a leading multifactor authentication provider, announce the availability of inWebo built-in connector for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). Corporate organizations are now able to secure access to their Microsoft cloud applications, such as Office 365 and Sharepoint, while bringing unprecedented convenience.

With the increased deployment of cloud-based applications within organizations, the need for a unified and secure access has become essential. In the recent years, Microsoft has generalized the federation for its cloud-based application portfolio, thus allowing active unified access through Active Directory Federation Server (AD FS). With the release of its AD FS connector, inWebo Technologies now provides stronger and more convenient authentication credentials to AD FS.

“Bringing security and convenience for the access to the leading enterprise applications is our primary mission. As Microsoft has now enabled identity federation on their cloud-based application portfolio, we’re very excited to launch a MFA connector for Windows Server AD FS, and to partner with Microsoft to raise the security and trust of cloud-based applications”, says Bruno Abramatic, CTO at inWebo.

“Beyond a unified and seamless access, multifactor authentication has become a primary requirement from our Enterprise customers to help them protecting user accounts on their Microsoft cloud-based applications. Window Server 2012 R2 AD FS has been designed to support best-of-breed third-party MFA solutions, and we are proud to work with inWebo Technologies. With their AD FS MFA connector, inWebo introduces a new level of security and convenience capabilities for access to the cloud,” says Andrew Conway, Senior Director of Enterprise Mobility Product Marketing, Microsoft.

Adding multifactor authentication capabilities to AD FS had already been demonstrated. However, inWebo brings unprecedented security and convenience.

When a user logs in to a Microsoft cloud application from a non-trusted network (Internet, Mobile), AD FS automatically sends a notification to the user’s mobile phone. He/she confirms the access on the phone and is directly connected. The user identity verification is made much stronger because he/she also owns a registered phone instead of only knowing a password, which may be too weak. Organizations may also allow users not equipped with a phone or not having it with them to securely authenticate based on their registered browser instead. This flexible, contextual, convenient authentication is highly appreciated by the users who previously considered signing in to Cloud applications as a hassle.

The convenience doesn’t come at the price of lowering security, thanks to the exclusive design of inWebo certified mobile authentication in-App “token” and of inWebo HSM*-protected credential validation service.

Last but not least, inWebo comprehensive solution is available through the ADFS built-in connector. Organizations can therefore seamlessly protect their data and comply with local regulations, while maintaining the agility that business demands.

*HSM: Hardware Security Module. inWebo uniquely allows the credential validation service to run safely outside the organization’s protected walled garden.

About inWebo Technologies
inWebo is a leading identity protection platform, delivering seamless Enterprise-grade multi-factor authentication and access security to organizations and online service providers, large and small.
inWebo client-side light SDKs instantly and transparently turn any user device (desktops, tablets, smartphones…) into a security token, enabling in-band or out-of-band multi-factor authentication, as well as multichannel transaction protection. Requirements on users for such additional security are minimal: no hardware to carry, no SMS code to copy-paste, no dedicated App/plugin/certificate to install, thus solving the adoption challenge usually faced by multi-factor authentication.
inWebo APIs leverage leading user repositories, identity management systems, single-sign-on and federation systems, as well as popular SaaS applications, enabling seamless deployments.
Finally, inWebo Password Manager (available on is a multi-factor protected Cloud-based service helping users and organizations to safely manage and share their sensitive credentials such as userids and passwords.
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