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San Francisco, June 15th 2017 – Completing a 4-year procedure, the US Patent Trade Office (US PTO) has granted a patent to inWebo, its second one in the US, thus extending the reach of its prior IP protection. This patent is for an authentication system, and more specifically for a technology known as “Dynamic Random Keys” that inWebo has invented and developed over the past years.

« This technology allows for a secure implementation of multi-factor authentication (MFA) in modern web-browsers, while a hardware secure element was conventionally required to achieve a high security level » said Didier Perrot, Director at inWebo. « It therefore extends the our MFA market to organizations in segments that can’t afford to deploy hardware ‘tokens’ to the users that they need to securely authenticate and are looking for easier yet secure user authentication methods ».

This technology was also the ground foundation for inWebo mobile and in-App authentication library (mAccess) that has been certified by the French governmental IT-Security Agency (ANSSI) in 2012.

Written by Raja Najem

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