Program for Security MSPs and Resellers

Why inWebo MFA Makes Sense In Your Portfolio

Most attacks and data breaches start by leveraging compromised credentials. Businesses need security solutions to protect themselves but at the same time can’t make it too difficult for users to access their accounts online or remotely. Also in the case of smaller organizations, they can’t afford solutions that are complex to implement or to manage. By adding inWebo MFA (multi-factor authentication) to your portfolio, your customers get a protection

  • that is hardly noticeable by end-users: when signing in to their accounts from a non-trusted domain, they would only have to authorize the connection from one of their registered devices, such as a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. No short-text codes, no hardware key fobs, no hassle.
  • that meets the highest security standards and for this reason is used by numerous organizations including Fortune 500 companies.
  • that you can deliver and manage as a SaaS along other applications or infrastructure services, in a way that fits your existing business and operational model with most vendors.

How You Can Join inWebo Program

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