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Online trust and security are becoming major concerns for your customers. By adding inWebo to your portfolio, you provide simple & secure answers to your customers’ concerns about Cloud, Mobile, and Web security. Contact our Partner Team now!

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Use the form on this page if you need one of our partner service companies to assist you with inWebo solutions, or simply if you’re looking for a reseller in your geography. We’ll gladly help!

Partner Program

You’re looking for a 2FA vendor helping you differentiate and bring high value added solutions for your customers? Here’s why you should consider inWebo as a privileged partner:

  • Time to Security: Our SaaS solutions work with the existing architecture, with no new infrastructure or endless integration project, thanks to built-in standard “connectors” (Radius, SOAP/REST, SAML v2, etc.)
  • Enrollment and Management: All our tokens are software, available for free, and self-service. Credentials management – i.e. tokens and passwords – being totally integrated in our solutions, your customers focus on distributing and managing user rights. Thanks to our tools and APIs, they do so in their usual environments and processes (directories, IAM, workflows, helpdesk)
  • Multi-Purpose: Your customers need to authenticate VPN access for their employees from their labtops? To secure Extranet access for their worldwide partners without imposing restrictions on the device they connect from? To secure access to messaging from smartphones? Access to SaaS applications from tablets? … Our solutions cover all these cases in one place, and many more. Enough with “silo” solutions!
  • Security: what’s the use of deploying a 2FA solution that brings a level of security equivalent to that of a basic password? Sadly enough, this is what your customers get with the usual soft-tokens, the demonstration being quite straightforward from a security standpoint. Our soft-tokens embed One-Time-Password technologies (random dynamic keys and run-time keys) that have been developed in our labs, patented, evaluated by academic research, and certified (in France by ANSSI). In order to mitigate the threats leading your customers to adopt 2FA, our technologies are much more efficient than the marketing of global security vendors
  • Trusted Platform: The Cloud offers a lot of opportunities, but can your customers really outsource their strong authentication? Yes, if they keep a control over their risks, and as long as they don’t enter a delegation chain that is out of their control (vendor, hosting companies, contractors). The trusted platform built by inWebo around HSM equipment (Hardware Security Modules) allow your customers to keep a full and exclusive control over their strong authentication service. With no equivalent on the market as of today
  • Commitment To Innovation: inWebo is a niche player, fully focused on designing and operating trusted solutions. Please consider us as a privileged partner, and leverage on the innovation, the differentiation, and the added value brought by our solutions

This program is made for

  • Systems and security integrators: providing service with our solutions while supporting your customers in their projects
  • SaaS vendors, hosting and IaaS providers: our solutions bring new levels of security and trust to your products
  • Developers, web and mobile agencies: integrate security into your developments for web, smartphones and tablets

Featured Partners

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We’re proud to work with the following companies.


Céfiros-logo Céfiros is a value added distributor for Cybersecurity in Iberia and Latin America. Although beeing a very young company it is formed by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the market. They have been created to give true value to the different market players, adapting to the needs of all of them and becoming the link between customer, integrator and manufacturer.


pegright-logo IT Security Group is a manufacturer-independent value added distributor and integrator of professional IT security, compliance and single sign-on solutions based in the northern Rhine-Main area. The core competence of the IT-Security Group is the protection of sensitive business information through smartcard- and certificate-based authentication systems as well as highly secure encryption methods. Since 2010, the company has focused on secure cloud solutions. In addition to sales, the company also offers vendor-independent consulting and integration of IT security solutions tailored to the individual requirements of its customers.
axiadids-logo Paradigma-IT is a service provider in the field of IT security and IT infrastructure, focusing on Strong Authentication, Data Encryption, Endpoint Security, Penetration Testing / Security Auditing, and networks for small and medium size companies.
From the city of Darmstadt in the Rhine-Main-Neckar metropolitan area, we serve regionally, nationwide as well as international customers.