inWebo Application Connectors

How To Add MFA To Your Applications?

Thanks to an inWebo connector. Most connectors only need a configuration but no development or complex integration. Therefore, you’ll be up and running in no time. Below are the connectors that we currently support:

  • Radius: for all VPNs and reverse proxies
  • SAML 2.0: for business and cloud applications (and now for VPNs as well)
  • OpenID Connect: this is the next-generation protocol that will progressively replace SAML. It is already supported by Microsoft AAD and therefore Microsoft applications such as Office 365
  • Webservices API: for any web application and mobile portal (unless it’s based on a CMS in which case we might have a ready-to-use plugin)
  • LDAP Proxy: for onprem applications authenticating against an LDAP directory
  • Plugins: for 3rd party products such as access, virtualization, PAM, or federation (MS ADFS, Shibboleth, Ping Identity, Forgerock, Citrix, VMware, Wallix, CyberArk…). Note that most of these products also support radius and/or SAML therefore you have several options. Ask us if you’re unsure about the pros and cons of these options