When inWebo corporate website first went online early 2009, it was not so much about products – inWebo didn’t have anything ready at that time – than about sharing our vision for online identity, authentication, privacy, and security.

Progressively, as inWebo launched their first solutions and became operational, the website evolved to a mix of what you would usually expect from a software vendor website (products, solutions, company news, etc.) and other kinds of “resources” related to authentication and digital identity.

For the first time, inWebo corporate website will soon dramatically change – actually, we’ve rebuilt it from the ground up – in order to deliver a clear and simple content related to our products towards our customers, partners, and prospects, be they (be you!) individuals, organizations, or service providers.

At the same time, we’ve decided that it was high time we also got a separate blog where we could continue to share our vision of the fast changing identity and authentication space, explore the technologies and business models, and bring insight to headline news in this field.

So here’s this blog. We hope you’ll like it, that you’ll engage in discussions with us on the proposed topics, and that you’ll recommend it to your peers, colleagues, or friends interested in these topics.



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