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Ending The Torment Of Tokens (revisited)

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Historically, multi-factor authentication has required to equip users with hardware tokens. There were therefore only a few situations where the risks were large enough to justify the impacts of deploying...

Banking & Financial Services Security

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As banking, payment, and financial services shift massively to web and mobile, fraud opportunities multiply. In this quick-read use case, discover why identity security is paramount to keep fraud low,...

Connected Cars Security

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As cars get connected and in-car & cloud services sprout, cybersecurity issues raise safety & privacy concerns. In this quick-read use case, discover why identity security is a topic worth...

Ending the Torment of Tokens

inWebo | White Papers |
The widespread use of web-based services and mobile networks creates a fuzzy, blurred network with a porous perimeter: strong authentication is mandatory! But traditional reponses based on hardware tokens lead to heavy expenses, multiple constraints and unhappy customers. Discover how SaaS introduces a true paradigm shift and makes it possible to ensure strong protection in an open and agile world at low cost to better fight identity theft both technically and economically.

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