Top 5 Reasons to Replace RSA with inWebo MFA

The pressure is on from management to improve security, lower costs, and respond to the user community with easier-to-use tools. Over the past 5 years, dozens of organizations ranging from 500 to 50,000+ users have replaced RSA by switching to inWebo Technologies. To help you make the right decision for your organization, we’ve captured the Top 5 reasons these organizations have shared with us that make it a “no-brainer” to consider a quick migration.

5th Top Reason: ROI / Costs

inWebo is available as a subscription. The license cost includes everything you need to enforce and maintain MFA for your applications both on-prem and in the cloud. All burdened costs of MFA (datacenter, 24/24 maintenance staff, infrastructure, roll-out scripts…) are wiped out! inWebo’s model is both simpler and cheaper, delivering unmatched ROI.

4th Top Reason: Rock-solid platform available as a SaaS

The appeal of RSA to large organizations is that they “control” their MFA infrastructure. Yet, they also have to own the costs and complexity of delivering 99.9 % or more uptime. Also, recent history (RSA breach in 2011) has shown that the supposed security benefit of an on-prem MFA infrastructure was in fact undue. inWebo, in contrast, delivers a service from a rock-solid platform (100% uptime since its launch in 2012) that gives full and exclusive cryptographic control to organizations over their users’ authentication credentials.

3rd Top Reason: User experience

The quest for the “right” authentication factors doesn’t end with smartphone apps! Unfortunately, RSA, as many MFA vendors, leaves organizations with a very sub-optimal and costly compromise: they have to segment users into fluctuating groups, those with an organization-issued smartphone and those without who will still need a hardware token. In contrast, with inWebo, organizations define policies that dynamically translate into the most convenient user experience for MFA, with or without smartphones, and still with no hardware tokens to buy and distribute.

2nd Top Reason: Most modern behavioral authentication

There’s a lot of buzz around “risk-based authentication”. Yet, the most efficient way to reduce the authentication friction without diminishing its security, both for IAM & CIAM use cases, is behavioral authentication. inWebo’s brand new AI-based behavioral authentication solution is what’s best available on the market today.

1st Top Reason: Easier and better administration

As you’re well aware, the concern with MFA faced by your organization is not authenticating users: it’s how to get there (design and deployment of the infrastructure, integration with applications, change management, user onboarding and training), and how to operate and support it in a compliant and lean way. With its simple web admin console, its pre-integrated applications, it’s built-in customizable provisioning, enrollment, and self-care workflows, and its log feed that can be leveraged for compliance, inWebo has dramatically improved how IT organizations implement and manage MFA on a day-to-day basis.

inWebo delivers more for less

inWebo is not a cheaper copycat MFA. It’s a leading-edge and robust solution that modern IT organizations have been leveraging since 2011 to reduce risks and friction and maintain compliance within their IT operations. To learn more about our RSA replacement and modernization program, please select one of the options below.