inWebo MFA, the most agile and secure alternative to Salesforce Authenticator

The data that lives in Salesforce is at the core of your business. Meet Salesforce requirement to switch to MFA with inWebo MFA advanced technology and combine the highest level of security with the best login experience.

MFA, a requirement to access Salesforce products

Starting from February 1, 2022, all users who log in to Salesforce products (including partner solutions) must use multifactor authentication (MFA). Salesforce encourages you to start planning for this change now, and begin implementing MFA as soon as possible.


inWebo MFA, The Simple Key To High Security

inWebo seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and can be used on Salesforce Classic or Lightning as well as on the Salesforce mobile application.

Highest level of security

Ultra-secure MFA thanks to the unique combination of Random Dynamic Keys technology and HSM.

Passwordless user experience

Unburden your users login experience to Salesforce products thanks to a passwordless authentication.

Deviceless MFA

Wordwide exlusivity: browser token that requires no installation allowing your end-users a simplified connection experience to Salesforce products.

Great flexibility - Full SaaS

Full SaaS MFA available on smartphone, desktop (PC/Mac and Linux) tablet and through the browser (Deviceless MFA).


360° Protection

Thanks to hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors, you can easily and quickly extend MFA not just on Salesforce, but also on your applications, VPN, IAM, PAM and SSO solutions.

Certified solution

Certified by France’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI).

worldwide customers

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inWebo MFA vs. Salesforce Authenticator

Check out our comparison chart to have a quick overview of the benefits of using inWebo MFA. Get in touch for more information.

inWebo vs Salesforce Authenticator
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