Access Security for Blockchain Apps & Cryptocurrency Wallets

Why you need access security for blockchain applications

inWebo access security for blockchain apps & cryptocurrency wallets  

Blockchain security results from the built-in cryptographic mechanisms and a decentralized operation. There’s an abundant literature on that. Applications based on blockchains enjoy these security benefits, however, the security of other components of these applications isn’t provided by the blockchain. Questions remain such as securing the users’ bitcoins within wallets, or making sure that a smart contract is signed by the right person. For these, “traditional” cybersecurity solutions are needed, such as MFA and transaction sealing.

inWebo access security for web and mobile blockchain applications

Our MFA solution for blockchain applications consists of

  • Client-side OTP-generation libraries, inWebo mAccess and inWebo Helium.
    • These libraries turn the interfaces to your blockchain applications – your mobile App, as well as web browsers – into trusted devices, i.e. strong authentication methods.
    • Giving access to a user’s account – and to a private key to sign a contract or make a bitcoin transaction – requires a valid One-Time Password (OTP) generated from one of the user’s trusted devices. Therefore, this defeats attackers who don’t have access to one of the user’s trusted device(s), while making the access extremely easy for the legitimate user, since the OTP is generated locally (it is not sent to the user) and is provided automatically (the user doesn’t have to copy-paste it).
    • inWebo authentication libraries can dynamically be used for 1-factor (trusted device), 2-factor (trusted device + a secret or a biometric factor), or even 3-factor authentication (if combined across channels / devices). You can use them to design and implement efficient protection strategies across all online channels.
    • Unlike other MFA vendors, 100% of user devices – laptops, tablets, smartphones – are supported. Integrating the library into your web and/or mobile applications is all what it takes, there’s no physical token to provide or manage, no App or plugin to download. It’s a very efficient approach to MFA.
    • The libraries provide an abstraction layer for user credentials management. Your developers don’t need to worry about platform specific security integration.
  • A back-end authentication service and full API. The API’s obvious purpose is to validate OTPs received by your mobile and web blockchain applications and to enforce the security policies that you have defined. It also allows you to fully automate credential management, user enrollment (to MFA), and trusted device management. Only with such an automation can you implement security at scale.

What are your options

To get a deeper understanding of our solutions, you may

  • Sign up for free for a basic account and start implement inWebo access security for your web and mobile blockchain applications. You’ll be able to upgrade this account at any time to get more licences or options. Nothing to lose but an item on your to-do-list.
  • Evaluate inWebo for free and without commitment for 30 days. Note that we have project management, consulting, and integration partners trained in our solutions whom you can ask for an evaluation and a PoC.
  • Request a customized demo. We’ll be happy to show and explain the basics of our solution and answer your questions.