Access Security for Health Care applications

Why you must protect access to Health Care applications

inWebo access security for web and mobile healthcare applications  

To save lives and costs, medical records and other personal health information need to be easily accessible by health professionals and often by the patients themselves. Who should have access to what – authorizations – needs to be defined in line with increasing privacy requirements and industry regulations. Furthermore, the protection of health data is a matter of cybersecurity and in particular of secure authentication. Passwords can no longer be trusted for this purpose. If they are hacked or divulged, your organization will face a health data breach.

Privacy and security requirements such as the ones defined by HIPAA in the US apply to health plans, health care clearinghouses, and those health care providers that conduct certain health care transactions electronically. Depending on which users your organization provides with access to health data, you should consider secure authentication (MFA) for staff, and/or health professionals, and/or end-users.

How to protect Health Care data

Adding multi-factor authentication to applications processing or providing access to health data is an efficient protection since compromised credentials can no longer be used. For this, you need an MFA solution that integrates with your applications and that provides a convenient user experience, such as inWebo MFA.

inWebo MFA for Health Care

inWebo provides:

  • An API and connectors (radius, SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect) to interface our highly-secure, HSM-based MFA service with the authentication module or logic of your applications – such as portals for end-users, services for a healthcare professional, or hospital IT systems. You don’t need to install or manage any additional infrastructure
  • Extremely convenient authenticators for your users and a web console to configure and manage authenticators, authentication policies, user on-boarding workflows, etc. Note that you don’t need to equip or segment users based on their equipment since our authenticators are available for all user devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets

"inWebo was easy to set up thanks to a simple API. inWebo teams were super reactive, so there was no stress during the implementation. We're all set for GDPR and the Health Care Security compliance requirements."

− David Bilfeld, CEO Wizvi