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in-App MFA

In-App MFA, What Is That?

inWebo | News |
Various types of authentication factors Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) means using a combination of factors of different types to authenticate a user when she signs in to an application. Factor types...

A new Log API

inWebo | News |
inWebo provides a Log API so that you don’t have to export activity logs manually every day or every week. Logs are automatically made available in your collect and analytics...

Biometry as a second authentication factor

inWebo | News |
Following Apple’s introduction of a fingerprint sensor on iPhone 5s in 2013, smartphones increasingly come with a biometric sensor. Market research firms expect that 100% of the installed base will...
inWebo Virtual Authenticator

Virtual Authenticator Is For Real

inWebo | News |
We have a blog post on why browser-based authentication makes sense, explaining why and how we came to develop Virtual Authenticator. A new and convergent authentication method Virtual Authenticator is the...

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